Monday, October 23, 2006


Well, then. It's been a while, hasn't it?

Do you like lists? I don't particularly like them. Or bullet points, for that matter. But here goes. Bullet points.
  • I've been busy nerding it out here. I've got to write an essay every week, and because I'm so disgustingly nerdy, the last two have been above the 4000 word mark. Sigh. I know, I know. Shame on me. I just can't help it. I write. And then I write some more. And I use big SAT words. It helps to know Italian; I actually know all the long English words that derive from Latin. Like, uh, television. But maybe that's Greek.

No, I don't like bullet points. But I can't stop now, can I?

  • They have these chocolate chip cookies at Sainsbury's that are absolutely divine and they cost nothing. Also, they have 55 calories per cookie. This is the first time in my life that I have checked calories on food, but I only did it because I finished half a packet (more or less 10 cookies) in half an hour and was freaked out by how deliciously addictive these things were. So I looked at the little box that has all the weird numbers on it and saw 55 calories per cookie. This did not make me feel better. So I had another one. Just to make myself feel better.
  • I have a new Indian friend. Pan hates her and calls her Fatty. Which isn't very nice. How Pan can know that Fatty is actually fatty is beyond me, though, as they haven't even met. Anyway, Fatty (she's not even fat, for goodness' sake, it's just Pan being a bitch) is from Delhi. She says Delhi is better than Bombay. She also dislikes Himesh. That seems to be the consensus on Himesh in India. People don't like him.
  • There is a lecture on Monday morning at 9 that I am actively skipping. Every week. I feel rebellious.
  • I am absolutely in love with caramel Frappuccinos. I feel debauched and vaguely like a sitcom character. But there's just something about caramel Frappuccinos. They're just out of this world. They truly are. Sigh. Now I want one.
  • Uni is just like my high school. There are groups. There are many people that are not very nice. People that aren't as smart as I expected them to be. Then again, maybe the not so nice people are smart but also not so nice. Maybe I was making the mistake of equating smartness with being nice, which apparently is so wrong! Who would have thought?
  • I have a bike! ME! A BIKE! And I use it all the time! Even though there is a shortcut to my department that cannot be cycled that takes exactly the same amount of time as it takes cycling the long way. But, it wakes me up in the mornings. And also, my bike is soooo pretty! I have yet to name it though. I can't even figure out if its a girl or a boy. Oh! I just had an idea. I'm naming it Blaise. Oh, that is so clever. I love being a fangirl.
  • British people are weird. I shall expound on that some other time. Now I'm off to socialise. Wheeee! Yeah.

Sigh. End of bullet points.

I'm actually enjoying it. Some bits are fun. And I've met some great people. Although I do seem to be tired all the time. Hmmm.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

On our favourite midget

If there's one thing that one learns upon coming to uni, apart from the root causes of population growth in England in the 18th and 19th centuries - Freshers' week my ass, I had lectures this morning at 9!, one thing apart from one's way around tiny medieval towns full of old university buildings and crazy bikers, one thing apart from just how expensive Marks and Spencer's is, that one thing is the value of true friendship.

I was always one of those people who never particularly fit in any friendship group. I always got along well with most people, but I never got along with anyone well enough to consider them anything other than people to pass time with. The problem is, I was usually a little too mature, a little too intelligent for people. So I ended up getting a lot of respect, some dislike, and generally very little love.

But that was OK, because I'd rather be respected for who I am any day than pretend to be someone I'm not just to get approval.

I wasn't too worried anyway because I figured uni would be full of people like me and then I'd finally be able to have a bunch of a few close friends, as well as a larger group of people I could simply have fun with.

And then, I met Pan. Pan came to my school 4 years ago. She must have been very lonely and very angry because of all she had to leave behind. It must have taken a huge effort to manage to make friends, because it's always so hard to go to new schools (I've never done it myself, except for this week, and it's hard enough as it is with nobody knowing each other; it must be near-impossible to join high school cliques). I never noticed any of this. Pan was one of the new students. I was busy passing time with my not-quite-friends.

But Pan and I had a mutual friend. Our mutual friend, who will now have the dubious honour of being referred to with her real name, Thais, was in fact about to leave. I hadn't been friends with Thais either for a long time, but one day our maths teacher moved her to sit next to me for reasons that I forget, and we got talking and realised that we had a very similar sense of humour and everything.

Thais was also friends with Pan, and the week before she left, Pan and I went out with her quite often and generally spent time with her, and hence with each other. Sometimes, Thais would randomly announce: 'You two are going to be best friends.' Pan and I would exchange looks and smile uncomfortable smiles. Who knows what Pan was thinking. I thought: 'I don't know Pan at all. She must be weirded out that Thais is saying this. And so am I.'

OK, OK, my inner monologue is not quite so boring, it's usually liberally sprinkled with hilarious little jokes and comments, but you get the idea.

Anyway, one day, a couple of days before Thais left, I went and sat next to her and Pan in economics. I don't think I'll ever forget that lesson. It turned out that Pan and I had uncannily similar interests; we must have been the only two people in our school who were into fanfiction. And for some reason, in that 1-hour lesson, we actually told each other about that. It's not something you go trumpeting around to semi-strangers, you know!

Before we even knew it, Pan and I had become inseparable. And the rest is history.

It was Pan's birthday 5 days ago. I'd promised her a post, but I've been very busy pretending to enjoy freshers' week (parts of which I actually did enjoy, but would it be very nerdy to say that I enjoyed this morning's 9 am lecture more?), socialising and generally having very little time for myself. But I have realised something; that true friends are the hardest thing to find. I thought uni would provide a bunch of people that I could pick and choose from. Apparently not. Apparently, being in one of the world's best unis does not mean that all the people are nice, and friendly, and mature. Apparently, it just means that they're all very intelligent. But clearly, intelligence is not enough.

And that's why I thank my lucky stars that I have Pan. No matter what happens, no matter who pisses me off, no matter what people around me are like, Pan's there to be my best friend. It's entirely OK for me to be myself with Pan; I don't have to try to make her laugh (she's so silly that she'll laugh anyway), I don't have to try to make her like me. I know she doesn't try! She's such a bitch sometimes, I don't know why I even bother with her!

OK, well, I do know why I bother with her. It's because I get to go to India every now and then. And who doesn't want to go to Incredible India?

So, happy belated birthday, Pan. Thank your parents for having had sex! And thank you for being so adorable.

PS: Pan and I share other interests apart from fanfiction. Like, uh, for example Veronica Mars. And books. And Bollywood. All very geeky. On the other hand, Pan likes Snickers. EEEEEW!